Jail Regulations
Jail Rules for Inmates:
  1. PREFACE: The following rules are promulgated for the safe, efficient and orderly operation of the Payne County Detention Center. They are not intended to interfere with or restrict any course of action the Sheriff deems reasonable and necessary to preserve the safety and security of the Detention Center.
  2. CONDUCT: Prisoners shall not fight, quarrel or cause a disturbance.
  3. CONDUCT: Prisoners shall not damage or deface any property of the Payne County Detention Center including but not limited to clothing, bedding, fixtures, walls, and trays.
  4. CONDUCT: Prisoners will not place objects in the toilet or sinks in an attempt to clog the plumbing.
  5. CONDUCT: Prisoners shall not talk loudly, make noise or engage in any form of active or passive disruptive conduct.
  6. HYGIENE: Cell and dayroom areas shall be kept free of trash and waste products. Trash shall be put in trash receptacle.
  7. HYGIENE: Prisoners shall keep good hygiene practices, all clothing must be worn in dayroom.
  8. RULES: The Sheriff reserves the right to establish and enforce any new rule for safety and security of the Detention Center.
  9. STATE LAW: No tobacco can be consumed in Federal, State, or County buildings. This includes the Payne County Detention Center.

10. VIOLATIONS: Any inmate violating the jail rules may: have jail privileges suspended (i.e. commissary, visitation, television, telephone). Lose “good time”, “work time”, or trustee credits. Have contempt proceedings instituted against him/her. Have criminal charges filed against him/her or any combination of the above.

11. MEDICAL: We provide 24/7 EMERGENCY medical care while you are housed at our facility. All NON-EMERGENCY medical care will need to be requested by filling out a Medical Request and giving it to a staff member. You will be charged an administrative fee for any vists to medical staff and any medications that you may receive.