The Payne County Detention Center holds individuals awaiting trial and transport to the State Corrections system but also offers several programs to keep them from re-offending. These include G.E.D. classes and the state certified test. Clergy are available for one-on-one counseling and church services at least five days per week. Family parenting classes are taught and are intended to enhance family ties as well as self-discipline, ethics, and morality. Drug and alcohol education and anger resolution classes are alternated to allow access to all persons held in our detention facility. We are now doing Arraignment by Video to the courtrooms, this keeps from having to move inmates from the jail. This makes a safer environment not only for the people in the courtroom but for the inmates.
Jail Administrator Reese LaneAssistant Jail Administrator Tony Osborn

REMINDER: summer is approaching and appropriate clothing for visitation will be enforced. Follow jail visitation rules dress code or you will NOT be allowed to visit.